With kids getting out of school soon for the holidays and sweets everywhere, you know they will be tempted to sneak treats and indulge in sticky, chewy holiday goodies. If you or a family member are wearing braces or having dental work done, the last thing you need during the festivities is an emergency trip to your orthodontist for a cracked or broken appliance. To keep a dental emergency from interrupting your holidays, here are some foods to avoid:

  • Ice cubes, nuts, popcorn and pretzels
  • Candy canes, peanut brittle, taffy and hard gingerbread cookies
  • Gooey, sticky candy and treats
  • Hard vegetables, stuffing with nuts and meat off the bone

Celebrating the holidays while having dental work done may be somewhat different than how you used to enjoy them before starting your orthodontic treatment. Just remember—your beautiful smile will be well worth the effort! Use these simple tips to get in the holiday spirit while keeping your braces safe, and while you’re paying attention to safety, don’t forget your breath. Appliances can sometimes develop a nasty taste and odor if they are not kept clean.

It’s time to get the Tasty Clean out and keep those dental appliances clean and your breath fresh!

Tasty Clean’s natural, wholesome ingredients and delicious flavors makes it the perfect choice for cleaning retainers, clear aligners, mouthguards, partials, and dentures to keep your breath fresh.

It’s portable too! You can keep those appliances clean and tasty while on-the-go during the holidays. The convenient sized bottle is easy to take along with you and there is no need to rinse - just spray and go. Tasty Clean makes a great gift or stocking stuffer and perfect to go along with any new dental appliance package.


Tasty Clean