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Keeping Baby’s Pacifier Clean

When the pacifier, binky, or sucky gets dropped, it’s good to have more on hand or find some warm water for a rinse before handing it back to a child.

Children’s Oral Health

Cavities (also known as caries or tooth decay) are one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood in the United States. Untreated cavities can cause pain and infections that may lead to problems with eating, speaking, playing, and learning. Children who have poor oral health often miss more school and receive lower grades than children who don’t.

Amazon’s New Chemicals Policy is Step in Right Direction

A company as big as Amazon has tremendous power to change the marketplace with any move it makes. So its silence on reducing toxic chemicals in its products has been troubling. But that changed recently with a new announcement that the company has adopted a new chemicals policy to reduce harmful chemicals in some of its products and provide consumers with better information on chemical ingredients. 

Family Values to Teach Kids

  Family values for kids are extremely important and there are various family values kids should know. A few of them are mentioned here. Honesty - Honesty is one among the very important family values kids should know. Being able to tell the truth in any...

Start a Family Tradition with One of these 12 Fun Ideas

Incorporating a family ritual into your regular routine can be fun and end up being a tradition that will last for years. Traditions make memories your children will cherish for years to come and create family bonds that will last a lifetime. 

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