Celebrating our Planet on Earth Day

Today and every day we are celebrating our wonderful Earth! The planet we live, play, work, love, explore and thrive on! April 22 every year is Earth Day, and a wonderful opportunity to teach our kids more about protecting planet Earth.

For the past 50 years, Earth Day has been celebrated around the globe to create awareness for the health of our environment. With serious concerns about our changing environment being studied and addressed today by prominent scientists, politicians, and young climate change activists alike, some people are adapting to more environmentally friendly ways of living — every day, not just on April 22 every year.


Little things can make lasting change

As we continue to see increasing natural disasters, extreme weather, and rising global temperatures, it is a time for each of us to take action. Little things like picking up litter on the sidewalk, planting a tree, or going paperless, can have an impact and is a step in the right direction to create change.

With that in mind, we wanted to share some activities you can plan with your family to teach your children about our earth and how to INVEST in our planet!  Have fun!


Here is our list of fun things you can plan for Earth Day - every day!


Visit National Parks Virtually
There are many reasons why you may not be able to visit a US National Park on Earth Day, but the good news is that without a road trip, we can still discover national parks. Get a bird’s eye view of the Grand Canyon. Discover the fjords of Alaska. Or visit the active volcanoes of Hawaii. Nearly all 62 national parks of the United States offer some sort of virtual tour.


Smithsonian Learning Lab
The Smithsonian Learning Lab has so many free resources available to teach your child about a ton of different amazing things.  Earth Day has its own special Smithsonian Learning Lab area that includes some incredible photography of the Earth from above. There are pictures, articles, news stories, and even great history lessons!


Take a Neighborhood Safari
Get outside and celebrate Earth Day in your own neighborhood. Identify different trees and flowers, look for local animals and pets, explore nearby parks, take photos, and draw pictures of what you see.


illustration of people gardening and composting

Start a Seed Jar
It’s that time of year here in DFW for growing things, so start a little seedling project with your family. Plant seeds or visit the local garden store for baby plants you can plant in a small pot or jar. Get your kids excited about their future garden by planting new seeds/plants and teaching them how things grow!


Create a Play Garden
Why not plant a play garden or sand/mud garden for your kids to dig into and explore? There is nothing better than getting outside and your hands in the dirt to connect with nature. Teaching your child how to invest in their special garden is a life lesson they will always remember.


Go Paperless!
A great place to start in helping to keep the world green is to go paperless! There are so many different reading apps that allow you to read your favorite magazines without wasting paper. On Earth Day, enlist kids’ help to determine all the paper items you could do without and have them help you create alternatives for that information.


illustration of recycling program in black and whiteCreate a Recycling Collage

Earth day is the perfect day to recycle! What better way to recycle or upcycle old magazines and newspapers than using them to create artwork!  This is also a good time to organize and plan your recycling and make it a family affair.


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