Let’s Thank our front line workers

Due to the current need for alcohol based sanitizers, Tasty Clean has committed our full efforts towards helping during this challenging time.

We now offer 80% alcohol based sanitizer sprays in easy to carry 2oz bottles. Proceeds from every sale will go towards donating sanitizer spray to front line workers who are working hard to protect us all. We send our deepest thanks to all front line workers!

80% alcohol sanitizer spray

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Apple Cider Vinegar

At Tasty Clean, we take a natural approach when it comes to our family and yours. The benefits of apple cider vinegar have been known for many years both for health purposes and for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces. Our grandmothers and great grandmothers used it for many household needs and modern-day technology has backed vinegars awesomeness with scientific research. Apple cider vinegar is one of the active ingredients in Tasty Clean and has been used as a natural antibacterial solution for thousands of years, but modern technology has led us away from the good old natural remedies. No harsh chemicals are required for cleaning and cleaners don’t need to toxic or poisonous.

Because Tasty Clean is all natural and uses no preservatives, sometimes the natural Mother of the Vinegar may occur. One of the things that makes Apple Cider Vinegar so amazing is the presence of natural connected strand-like chains of protein enzyme molecules that contribute to its highly effective natural cleaning qualities. If you happen to see some strands floating in your bottle, it is absolutely all good and does not affect the quality of the product.

Some of the other benefits of vinegar include:

● Eco-friendly

● All-natural

● Removes odors

● Features numerous health benefits

● Saves Water

● Safe for the entire family

● Widely available

How It Works


Shake well.
Spray item to coat.


wipe off excess, and  let it air dry!


Have peace of mind that your items
are odor free!

Tasty Clean Flavors

No more stinky, foul tasting retainers! Don’t worry about filling your bag with endless pacifiers and teething toys just in case one falls! Let us help you lighten your load and keep your stuff clean, chemical free and TASTY. So, what’s your flavor?

Cherry Tart

Grape Juice

Apple Sour

Cleans items with Great Taste.

From pacifiers to dentures and everything in-between, we’re here to help you keep it clean! This deliciously flavored cleaning spray is perfect for pacifiers, bottles, toys, mouth guards, retainers, dentures, camping and so much more. Simply spray the object well to coat the surface, let air dry, then enjoy. No need to wipe or rinse allowing you to clean a variety of surfaces no matter where you are and without water! No more fallen pacifier temper tantrums or expensive retainers not being worn due to lack of a convenient way to keep them clean!


Tasty Clean was born out of necessity when a mother and her son found themselves in a situation (okay…a full blown tantrum) with no solution. One ill-fated, fallen sucker in a public place provided Mommy with that light bulb moment. If only there were a safe and all-natural product that I could simply spray onto the now germ infested sucker so that I could give it back to my (inconsolable) son. Well friends, now there is such a product – Tasty Clean! 

All-Natural Patented formulation

charities we love to support

We believe in giving back to our community and support those who need help. Here are some of the charities we work with and our list is growing.

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