Tasty Clean Flavors

No more stinky, foul tasting retainers! Don’t worry about filling your bag with endless pacifiers and teething toys just in case one falls! Let us help you lighten your load and keep your stuff clean, chemical free and TASTY. So, what’s your flavor?

Cherry Tart

Grape Juice

Apple Sour

Cleans items with Great Taste.

From pacifiers to dentures and everything in-between, we’re here to help you keep it clean! This deliciously flavored cleaning spray is perfect for pacifiers, bottles, toys, mouth guards, retainers, dentures, camping and so much more. Simply spray the object well to coat the surface, let air dry, then enjoy. No need to wipe or rinse allowing you to clean a variety of surfaces no matter where you are and without water! No more fallen pacifier temper tantrums or expensive retainers not being worn due to lack of a convenient way to keep them clean!

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How It Works


Shake well.
Spray item to coat.


wipe off excess, and  let it air dry!


Have peace of mind that your items
are odor free!

Let’s Thank our front line workers

Due to the current need for alcohol based sanitizers, Tasty Clean has committed our full efforts towards helping during this challenging time.

We now offer 80% alcohol based sanitizer sprays in easy to carry 2oz bottles. Proceeds from every sale will go towards donating sanitizer spray to front line workers who are working hard to protect us all. We send our deepest thanks to all front line workers!


Tasty Clean was born out of necessity when a mother and her son found themselves in a situation (okay…a full blown tantrum) with no solution. One ill-fated, fallen sucker in a public place provided Mommy with that light bulb moment. If only there were a safe and all-natural product that I could simply spray onto the now germ infested sucker so that I could give it back to my (inconsolable) son. Well friends, now there is such a product – Tasty Clean! 

All-Natural Patented formulation

Preparing Summer Activities For Your Family

Planning your family fun time by working in a schedule for the days they are out of school just may save your sanity!

Looking Out For Our Kids Mental Development

We want our kids to be healthy and have strong bodies, but sometimes we may put more emphasis on their physical activities and strengthening than looking out for our kids mental development needs.

Corey Clement + Tasty Clean

Corey Clement knows what’s up! Thank you for choosing Tasty Clean to keep your football mouth guard fresh and clean all season long!

What are the Risk Factors for Cavities?

Cavities (also known as caries or tooth decay) are one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood in the United States. Untreated cavities can cause pain and infections that may lead to problems with eating, speaking, playing, and learning. So how can you help your children stay cavity free? First of all brush and floss, and limit the amount of sugary treats, and keep these factors in mind…

Celebrating our Planet on Earth Day

Today we are celebrating our wonderful Earth! The planet we live, play, work, love, explore and thrive on! April 22 every year is Earth Day, and a wonderful opportunity to teach our kids more about protecting planet Earth.

Tips for Safe Handling, Dyeing and Eating Easter Eggs

We hope you are planning time with the family this Easter. Whether your Easter plans include bunnies hopping down the trail, baskets, bonnets or candy, chances are eggs may have a role. Coloring, hiding and eventually eating Easter eggs has been a long-held tradition for many families. But are they safe to eat?

Caring for Your Young Child’s Dental Health

When caring for your young child’s dental health, don’t underestimate the importance of teething and dental health in your babies and toddlers. In fact, caring for baby teeth is just as important as caring for adult teeth. Baby teeth prepare the way for adult teeth to erupt through the gums. If they decay or are removed too early, orthodontic treatment is necessary to make space for the adult teeth to come through.

April is National Youth Sports Safety Month

Help keep our kids safe! One of the reasons Tasty Clean was started was to keep my baby safe and free from unnecessary germs while in public. Now that the kids are growing, we are more and more concerned as a family about keeping our children physically safe as they engage in sports. So this month we participate in the National youth Sports Safety Month and wanted to share this information and safety tips with you.

Spring Outdoor Activities Your Family Will Love!

Getting outdoors is a healthy way for your kids to connect to themselves and nature, spending time exploring and discovering their local roots.

Staying Home for Spring Break? Here’s How to Make the Most of It

Not everyone spends spring break lounging on a sandy beach. For those of us staying home for spring break around DFW this week, the options for things to do – and ways to avoid cabin fever with the whole family at home – may seem limited. But really, there are many activities you and your family finally have time to explore. Here are some ways you can stay active, both physically and intellectually

charities we love to support

We believe in giving back to our community and support those who need help. Here are some of the charities we work with and our list is growing.

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