Tasty Clean Flavors

No more stinky, foul tasting retainers! Don’t worry about filling your bag with endless pacifiers and teething toys just in case one falls! Let us help you lighten your load and keep your stuff clean, chemical free and TASTY. So, what’s your flavor?

Cherry Tart

Grape Juice

Apple Sour

How Tasty Clean Works

Looking for an easy and effective way to keep your dental appliances clean? Look no further than Tasty Clean, the all-natural dental appliance cleaner that is safe and effective for all types of appliances.

Watch as Dr. Austin, a trusted Orthodontist, explains how to use Tasty Clean to keep your appliances clean and fresh. With just three simple steps, you can ensure that your dental appliances are clean and ready to use whenever you need them. 


Helps in Reduction of Calculus on Dental Appliances


Hinders Bacterial Growth for Candida Albicans in Denture Wearers


Safely formulated for use with all dental appliances


Removes bacteria causing odors on dental appliances


Helps avoid Staining from Food & Drinks

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How It Works


Shake well.
Spray item to coat.


wipe off excess, and  let it air dry!


Have peace of mind that your items
are odor free!


Tasty Clean was born out of necessity when a mother and her son found themselves in a situation (okay…a full blown tantrum) with no solution. One ill-fated, fallen sucker in a public place provided Mommy with that light bulb moment. If only there were a safe and all-natural product that I could simply spray onto the now germ infested sucker so that I could give it back to my (inconsolable) son. Well friends, now there is such a product – Tasty Clean! 

All-Natural Patented formulation

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