What Can I Clean With Tasty Clean?

There are many ways to use Tasty Clean:

  • Baby Accessories
  • Toys
  • Sports Equipment
  • Orthodontics
  • Camping Gear and Accessories
  • Musical Instruments
  • Tech Devices
  • Eye Glasses
  • Safe for Face and Hands as well!

… And so much more!

All these items you can clean with of a fresh spray of Tasty Clean!  And since Tasty Clean is made from natural ingredients, it’s safe!

Safe for Baby

Feel safe when you are out and about with baby. If you drop a passy, bottle, sippy cup or toy, they can get a quick and sanitary cleaning with just a quick spray of Tasty Clean. Keep a travel size bottle it in your purse or diaper bag so it’s handy all the time.

Safe in the kitchen too!

You can use it on utensils as well as candy or fruit that has fallen on the floor or have been handled by the kids with sticky hands.

A great tasting alternative to the chemically tasting cleaners!

Formulated to safely remove bacteria from all dental appliances without the stress of corrosive chemicals and excessive scrubbing. It’s Simple! Spray, and go – no rinsing or scrubbing is required! Also great for sports mouth guards, night guards, retainers, dentures, woodwind musical instruments, phone and tablet screens (spray a cloth or towel then wipe the phone down), children’s faces, hands, highchairs, eye glasses…OK its a long list but you get the idea!

How can Tasty Clean help?

Maintaining healthy oral care habits is an essential step in caring for the items that we use every day. Bacteria, tarter and calculus can build up on removable orthodontic devices making them uncomfortable and unhealthy to wear!  By simply spraying the item with Tasty Clean, you are preventing stinky bacteria and plaque from setting up shop on your appliances. With the natural compounds of vinegar having acetic acid, plaque and bacteria are eliminated which means no funky odors or plaque buildup.

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Tasty Clean