This spring, get the sparkle back!

As spring returns, it’s time for all the mess we have collected over the winter months to go and to get the sparkle back into our homes! Knowing where to start can be daunting. Do you start with closets, those collectible “corners”, the guest room mess, or the living room? If you start by mapping out a plan for your home, it will make your spring cleaning much easier.

Here are 11 steps to help you get your sparkle back and to make your spring and summer living more enjoyable!

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1 - Keep it clean

Look at your home as though you’re seeing it for the first time. Is every room neat, spotlessly clean, dusted and uncluttered? Start by steam cleaning carpets and waxing floors then wash the walls and clean the heating and A/C vents and light fixtures. Pay special attention to your bathroom and kitchen - make sure that tile grout is mildew free and baseboards scrubbed. Clean the refrigerator and stove as well as the washer and dryer (inside and out).

2 - Lose the clutter

couple cleaning out garage for a sale

Have a yard sale or take old furniture, clothing and knick-knacks to Goodwill. Organize shelves, put away items and purge your home of unnecessary clutter. Creating more free space in your home makes it feel larger and easier to keep clean. Make sure that your kitchen and bathroom counters are free of unused small appliances and personal effects.

3 - Fluff your home

Time to lay to rest some of those “tired” 
furnishings and decor items. Consider “fluffing” a room by moving old things out and adding in something from another room. To get the sparkle back, put away excessive family photos, sports trophies, collectibles, knick-knacks and souvenirs. This will also help to remove clutter and create more space.

4 - Freshen-up

Give your home a fresh appeal this spring with new colors and accents. Nothing can give a sparkle like fresh paint, new curtains and/or laying new carpet. Use these things as a “canvas” for decorating throughout the home. If you choose to wallpaper, make sure that the paper is properly applied, and coordinates with the other colors and patterns in the house. New pillows or floor rugs can also boost up a room and make it feel like new.

5 - First impressions count

Like a first date or job interview, the first impression of your home is the most important - even for you and your family! Walking into a home with fingerprinted screen door windows or cluttered entranceways, can make you feel like your home is uncared for.

6 - Get rid of strong odors

Likewise, strong odors are offsetting, so pay close attention to pet, cooking and cigarette smells in your home. Stay on top of eliminating odors do they don’t settle in permanently. Light delicately scented candles or incense, bake some cookies, open the windows and get some fresh air in the house!

7 - Curb appeal 

Don’t let your home be the eye-sore of the neighborhood! Enhance your home experience by sprucing up the exterior with fresh paint, landscaping, or by a power-wash of the outside of your home. Check your gutters and chimney and make necessary repairs. Keep your lawns trimmed and flower beds weeded. Use urns to define walk spaces and ensure that window boxes are full of healthy all-season plants.

8 - Create the illusion of space

Space is so important in our homes, and let’s face it, most of us have too much stuff! To make your home seem more spacious, it is key to de-clutter and re-organize. Start by removing excess furniture to make rooms feel more open and replacing any items that are not appropriately sized for the room. Clean and organize your closets and remove excess clutter from all areas of your home. Strategically placed mirrors can also help to create the illusion of more space.

9 - Style choices

Ensure that the décor of your home reflects your own personal style. Use colors that compliment your furniture on your walls and floors. Add textures and more color and style with removable items such as throw pillows or bedding.

10 - Doggie No-No’s

When you are spring cleaning, make sure that your house is pet odor free, this will provide a better experience for all - guests AND family members alike.

11 - Beautify your backyard

Don’t forget about your backyard. Outdoor living for families is becoming more and more popular, grilling and cooking out, entertaining – all good reasons to have a beautifully cared for backyard space. Keep the lawn, hedges and flowerbeds manicured. Buy exterior storage containers to hide gardening tools, kids toys and pool supplies. Lastly, if you have a shed, make sure that it is organized and clean.

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