Too much kid’s stuff? Incorporate it into your home decor!

For the moms and dads with band kids and sports kids, you know how the house can get cluttered with all that equipment, it never just stays in the garage!! One way to tackle that problem is to incorporate some of it into your home decor.

Musical instruments are easy, you can hit a tasteful high note when you use them to style a wall or decorate a corner of the room - and you don’t need to have a Grammy to decorate with statement-making strings, brass and other musical items (save a special place for that future award!). Leaning an instrument in a corner against the wall is a really cool way to display it. Give an instrument like a cello its own moment next to an accent chair and lamp. You can even casually place a smaller instrument, like a clarinet on an adjacent coffee table. Use instruments as decor that can act functionally as well - like the guitar that can literally be taken off the wall and played on demand!

If you have a game room or man cave, why not display some of the sports equipment being used - football helmets and old jerseys are always a great conversation starter around the pool table. Surf boards, skate boards and bikes can make for great accent wall decor. There’s no better way to highlight your athletic side than by placing your gear right where everyone can see it: on a wall, on a shelf, or along a countertop.

When you have a family with active kids, its always a challenge to keep things looking clean and organized. Look for spaces on the wall and in corners that can be utilized to create little vignettes to safely display your child’s prized possessions!


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