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The first all-natural, portable cleaning solution for removable appliances that requires no rinsing. Free of harsh chemicals and safe for all ages.

Your New All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner!

Finally! A safe & great tasting alternative to the chemically tasting denture, retainer, and occlusal guard cleaners! Formulated to safely remove bacteria from all dental appliances without the stress of corrosive chemicals and excessive scrubbing. It’s Simple! Spray, and go – no rinsing or scrubbing is required!

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Mouth Guards

All of these devices can be cleaned no matter where you are without the need for water.

How can Tasty Clean help?

Maintaining healthy oral care habits is an essential step in caring for the items that we use every day. Bacteria, tarter and calculus can build up on removable orthodontic devices making them uncomfortable and unhealthy to wear!  By simply spraying the item with Tasty Clean, you are preventing stinky bacteria and plaque from setting up shop on your appliances. With the natural compounds of vinegar having acetic acid, plaque and bacteria are eliminated which means no funky odors or plaque buildup.

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Why Tasty Clean?

Maintaining healthy oral care habits is an essential step in caring for the items that we use every day. 

Our Story

Tasty Clean was invented by a mom who was searching for a safe and natural alternative to chemical laden products to use for her family. After many years of R&D, laboratory testing and market research, Tasty Clean was taken from a product meant to disinfect pacifiers to a full blown multi-surface cleaning spray. Dentist approved and made in America, this fun flavored cleaning spray has been thoroughly tested in 3rd party FDA approved laboratories and proven highly effective and safe.

Vinegar has been recognized for centuries for its natural antibacterial qualities and its health benefits. Tasty Clean is a vinegar-based product, and Vinegar has roughly 5% acetic acid as part of the chemical compound.  Vinegar works by chemically breaking down the cell wall of the bacteria and destroys the cell structure. When properly formulated, diluted vinegar is safe to use in the mouth without causing acid erosion or hypersensitivity on enamel surfaces. This means, Tasty Clean is also safe for the teeth in addition to your removable appliance.

Tasty Clean uses Organic Stevia Extract to enhance the flavors and add a mild sweetness.
Why Stevia? Refined sugars ferment when they come in contact with the bacteria that is normally present in our mouths. This fermentation process produces Lactic Acid which can eat away at the tooth enamel and cause decay. Stevia, on the other hand, does not ferment or release Lactic Acid, making it a tooth friendly option as a sweetener!

ALL NATURAL: BPA free, vegan, sugar free, cruelty free, and gluten free. No alcohol, bleaching agents, zinc, phosphates, sulfides, or triclosan.

Tasty Clean is covered by FSA, HSA/MHA plans as an appliance support product.

 FDA Class I Medical Device Exempt

*Laboratory tested and proven highly effective against bacteria and viruses like H1N1 flu

All-Natural Patented formulation

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How Do I use Tasty Clean?

Simply spray the item liberally, wait at least 30 seconds then wipe or shake off the excess. For extremely soiled objects, it is recommended to let the formula work longer (up to 5 minutes). No need to wipe or rinse off the safe to ingest formula, it is now tasty and clean.

Is Tasty Clean really chemical free?

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Should I shake it before use?

Because Tasty Clean is all natural and does not use preservatives or harsh chemicals, the ingredients (like grapefruit seed extract and apple cider vinegar) may separate. If you see orange or yellow particles in your bottle don’t be alarmed, it’s all natural. Just shake well before use.

Can I clean my denture with Tasty Clean?

Tasty Clean can be used with metal, acrylic, or flexible thermoplastic nylon resin partial dentures (flex partials), full dentures, and even implant retained overdentures.

Spray the device at least 5 minutes before use, let it air dry and then put it in your mouth.

How Do I us Tasty Clean on my retainer?

Spray the device at least 5 minutes before use, let it air dry and then put it in your mouth.

What other items can I use Tasty Clean On?

So many things! Here are some of the things we have used it on, but the list goes on!

baby bottles and sippy cups, toys, pacifiers, utensils, sports mouth guards, night guards, retainers, dentures, woodwind musical instruments, candy that has fallen, fruit, phone and tablet screens (spray a cloth or towel then wipe the phone down), Children’s faces, hands, highchairs, eye glasses…OK its a long list but you get the idea!

What if I swallow Tasty Clean?

Not meant for drinking, but wouldn’t hurt you if you did. All of the ingredients found in Tasty Clean are food grade ingredients that you would find in a wide variety foods and beverages.  Clinically tough but chemical free, so there is no need to worry if it gets in your mouth (or your child chugs a bottle because it’s so tasty).

Is TASTY CLEAN clinically tested?

Tasty Clean boasts a clinically tested formula. We all know the benefits of apple cider vinegar for health purposes and especially when it comes to cleaning. Both are backed by scientific research. Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the main ingredients in Tasty Clean and has been used as a natural antibacterial solution for thousands of years, but modern technology has lead us away from the good old natural remedies. No harsh chemicals required.

Tasty Clean is covered by FSA, HSA/MHA plans as an appliance support product.

 FDA Class I Medical Device Exempt

*Laboratory tested and proven highly effective against bacteria and viruses like H1N1 flu

Tasty Clean