Staying home for spring break? Here’s how to make the most of it!

Not everyone spends spring break lounging on a sandy beach. For those of us staying home for spring break around DFW this week, the options for things to do – and ways to avoid cabin fever with the whole family at home – may seem limited. But really, there are many activities you and your family finally have time to explore. Here are some ways you can stay active, both physically and intellectually.

Get outside

Staying home for spring break gives you the opportunity to plan outdoor activities. We’ve had some wind this week and a bit of rain, but overall, we are blessed to have really moderate weather right now. Getting out in the elements is always a good way to get your blood pumping. Walking, riding bikes or having a swing and picnic at the local park, is a sure way to please the kiddos!

There are so many options here, the key is to make a plan. Set aside the time when you will interact with your children in an outdoor setting. DFW is loaded with parks, lakes and trails where you can create a staycation moment with your family.

Have an indoor adventure

If you need ideas for what to do inside, check out your local library! It likely has activities planned during spring break. A new book or program will keep your minds active. The Dallas Aquarium is another place where you can take the kids for the day and enjoy lunch and fantastic exhibits while FEELING like you are outside.

You can also consider making your own fun at home – for free. Family dance parties and board game nights are a great way for family members to build relationships.

Have an outdoor excursion

The Dallas Arboretum is a local gem that is great to explore on a beautiful day. But if you want activity, one of our favorites is the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, with spaces for picnics, trials for biking, exploring and hiking, this is a place for the whole family. What ever you do outdoors, it’s a great idea to seek out activities that teach children about our region’s beauty. It helps kids appreciate their home and connects them to our lovely state of Texas.

Turn to food in a positive way

Event though you are staying home for spring break, you still need to eat! Especially this week, make mealtime a family affair.

Cooking together improves eating habits because at home, you’re likely eating healthier foods. And the whole process, from preparing the food to cleaning up, can be a great way to bond. Cooking together is fun and you can even get your youngest family members to participate. Toddlers can help set the table, put dishes in the dishwasher and, if supervised, mix and stir ingredients.

Plan a “theme night” where you cook a particular style of food, play themed music and have the kids help make the appetizers or their favorite “kid” dessert. You can also turn your evening meal into an opportunity to teach your kids about dining out. Set the table, and light the candles and have the kids put on aprons and serve their parents. Have them leave you a check and teach them about service and tipping! (All money made goes straight to the piggy bank! ☺️)

Seek input from the whole family for ideas about meal planning, make this a special weekend where they get to decide what meals to have! And for snacks throughout the day, consider leaving a bowl of fruit on the table or chopped veggies with yogurt dip readily available in the fridge. Believe it or not, presentation matters! Snacks placed in a pretty bowl or arranged in an eye-catching way are more appealing – and the kids will eat more of them.

Get social with the people right in front of you

The less time we spend on social media, the happier and healthier we all will be!

It might be tempting to feel sad if you come across a picture of a friend on the beach, especially during spring break. But what makes our vacations special is not the places we go or the things we do. It’s the relationships we build and the memories we make.

We all need to spend less time on social media and more time enjoying the people who are right in front of us.

Take along Tasty Clean

Whatever you do for spring break this weekend, take Tasty Clean along with you. It will be the perfect companion for those outdoor adventures to help keep your family’s hands clean and sanitized and your eating utensils and dental appliances fresh!

Tasty Clean