A Day That Leads to Your Best Night’s Sleep

Everyone wants to feel better, have more energy, be free from colds and fatigue…and sleep well. BUT! In our busy lives today, it’s easy to develop habits that keep us from getting our best night’s sleep. As we plan for a new year, let’s talk about THE most important thing for feeling good and BEING healthy… SLEEP!

Getting Your Best Night’s Sleep

Did you know, that cutting back caffeine and adding a 30-minute walk to your day can enhance your sleep patters?  According to Johns Hopkins, what you do during the day affects how well you sleep at night. Here are some important, small steps you can take throughout the day that will help you wake up feeling refreshed the next morning. Click the graphic to download these handy and healthful tips!

best nights sleep infographic with tips on what to do during the day


Most people have trouble sleeping from time to time because of travel, changes in schedule or lifestyle or stressful situations throughout the day. Lack of sleep can affect emotional and physical health.

There are many tips for how to get enough sleep that don’t involve medication or seeing a sleep specialist. Diet modifications, yoga, reducing screen time before bed and bedroom preparation are all important factors in getting to and staying asleep. We hope that these handy tips can help you get your best night’s sleep!


Article source: Johns Hopkins Medicine


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